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In addition to custom-tailored software solutions, we also offer several boxed retail products - made 100% in-house. These programs are available as FREE TRIAL downloads, so we strongly encourage you to take our programs for a test-drive today. Check out our Portfolio Section for additional software creations.

HoldOn Version 2.1 is now shipping. Read on for details.

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Did you know that a customer who is put on hold when phoning your office is more than 70% likely to hang up a few seconds after being put on hold if he/she does not hear any activity at the other end of the line?

You can decrease this "hang-up" rate by more than 80% if you offer your customers something to hear while waiting on hold?

Did you also know that playing radio or other commercial music sources in your business without an expensive license is a violation of international copyright law?

HoldOn represents a major turning point in the SOHO (small office - home office) computer automation market. This affordable software makes it possible to give your customers something pleasant to hear (along with your own personalized message announcements or advertisements) while waiting to talk to you - all without the need for expensive "black boxes" or the hassles of royalty-charged broadcasting licenses. Read on and take a tour for more details !

Kayspell Version 4.0 is now shipping !

Used by thousands of young spellers and ESL students worldwide.

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CD-Mediaworks is happy to offer a new way to teach spelling, vocabulary, or just about anything word-related. Since this software is totally parent-configurable (authorable), it can be used for any age group or school grade level - from K-12, ESL, etc.

This software was made to help focus on and practice specific words, phrases, phonics, etc. The custom wordlist can be based upon any text file containing any characters -each group separated by a carriage return. The program keeps track of the number of words correct in any given list. We're asking for a $29 registration if you are happy with the program, which will also qualify you for automatic upgrades and special bonus enhancements that we'll be offering soon. Read on for details --and happy spelling !

KayPlayer is a simple, effective music player for young music fans.

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CD-Mediaworks is pleased to offer a music and multimedia player for the "tiny button challenged". This software can run as a TRAY ICON in the background and handles all your MP3s, MIDI files, and CDs with ease. Inspired by young music fans who like to listen to computer audio, this program was designed to take the confusion out of loading and playing music on your computer.

This program has also been designed to run on slower computers...without taking much system resources. No fancy skins, visualizations, or graphic equalizers here --just a simple, effective little media player.

Rip and Compress to WMA with one button. Now at Version 3.5


CD-Mediaworks is pleased to offer this music/audio conversion utility for Windows and Windows Media Audio Compression Technology.

This program can convert raw (uncompressed) WAV files into the Windows Media Audio compressed format (WMA - sometimes called ASF) files. This WMA encoder is easy to use and can do batch conversions too.

This program can also compress (rip) your Audio-CDs !

If you have material on CD-AUDIO that you would like to convert to WMA, press the CD-RIP button and 'RIP' (convert) the AUDIO-CD tracks to raw WAV files on the hardrive. Then, press the START BATCH button to convert these files to the WMA (compressed) format.


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