Welcome to WAV-2-WMA™! 

It's so easy to use -- just select a file to convert and press the START button!

CD-Mediaworks is pleased to offer this music/audio conversion utility for Windows and Windows Media Audio Compression Technology. 

This program can convert raw (uncompressed) WAV files into the Windows Media Audio compressed format (WMA - sometimes called ASF) files.

This program can also compress your Audio-CDs !

If you have material on CD-AUDIO that you would like to convert to WMA, press the CD-RIP button and 'RIP' (convert) the AUDIO-CD tracks to raw WAV files on the hardrive. Then, press the START BATCH button to convert these files to the WMA (compressed) format.

Not a hundred and one options or complicated menus here  --just a simple, effective little conversion tool.


 PROCEED TO DOWNLOAD  WAV-2-WMA™ Version 3.5 NOW! 3.2MB  SHAREWARE - $19 Registration


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