Welcome to Kayspell ! 

It's so easy to use -- just push the GO button to begin !

CD-Mediaworks is happy to offer a new way to teach spelling, vocabulary, or just about anything word-related. Since this software is totally configurable (and authorable) it can be used for any age group or school grade level - from K through Grade 12, or ESL, Language Assistance, etc. 


This program can also be used with voice dictation and pictures. To try these features, load in the wordlist.txt (default)  --then hear (and see) what this program can do. To add your own voice dictation you'll need a microphone connected to your computer's soundcard.


This software was made to help focus on and practice specific words, phrases, phonics, etc. The custom wordlist can be based upon any text file containing any characters -each group separated by a carriage return. The program keeps track of the number of words correct in any given list. We're asking for a $29 registration if you are happy with the program, which will also qualify you for automatic upgrades and special bonus enhancements (add-on spelling list modules as they become available). Enjoy!


As mentioned, this software was made to focus and help with specific words that you want to practice. The program can keep track of the number of words correct in any given list, and a text file showing the wordlist tried will be written to the hardrive with the filename title displaying the number correct and number wrong. BUT, "tracking" is not the primary function of Kayspell. The true spirit of the program is to patiently help build a child's confidence by taking and retaking a spelling quiz as often as he/she likes.



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