Made by CD-Mediaworks' founder Christopher Coey for faculty from the Linguistics department at the University of Victoria, these great Educational APPs have been downloaded a combined total of more than 50 thousand times and continue to gain attention and momentum!

This APP provides a unique and intuitive touch interface for exploring the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as numerous voice qualities and articulations. Simply press any symbol or label in the charts to see and hear an illustrative example.

Test your knowledge by playing the random guessing games. Amazing laryngoscopic and ultrasound videos accompany sounds articulated in the throat!

You can speed up and slow down all the video examples, view full-screen, and more! Press the INFO button on each screen to access additional information. Get it for your iPhone or iPAD here!


The Yati Dictionary APP contains over 1300 words and phrases with sounds, pictures, example sentences and other important information from the Tlicho Dene language, which you may hear spoken in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Best of all, you can add your own words and pictures too! Compare your voice to the professional recordings, create wordlists, and more! We are continually improving this APP with even more phrases, example sentences, and more!

This APP is used daily by hundreds of Aboriginal speakers of the NWT and is part of the Education Cirriculum in this region.

Last year, this APP was honoured by making the Top 5 list for language preservation software by the CBC!

Read about it here:
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
Get it from iTunes here: ttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yati/id525154015?mt=8


The iSLR Field Recorder APP as seen here running on an iPod Touch allows you to record words or phrases prompted by your own text list (optionally randomized).

Once your recording/test is done, simply upload your entire session to your Dropbox account or Sync with iTunes. You can retrieve new wordlists through Dropbox integration too!

Get it from iTunes here:






C#.NET with MS-SQL Database

Joomla CMS with extensions:


We create brochures including custom graphics from the ground up!


Made for a wedding procession, this was recorded last year in our own in-house recording studio by our own in-house guitarist:

to the moon guitar instrumental.mp3











Digital Business Cards:

Great Pacific AdventuresGreat Pacific Adventures

For this project CD-Mediaworks created a custom Windows multimedia program reproduced on 3" CD-R media for use as digital business cards and tradeshow promotional material. This interactive tour --complete with MPEG video and JPG photo slideshow was produced within two weeks on a very tight budget.

Coastal Pictures Coastal pictures is a large local video production house that very often requires the services of CD-Mediaworks in a sub-contracting capacity. For this project, a Hollywood actor (J.B. Bivens) required an innovative "demo reel" of his recent film work and other credits -- and of course a slick way to pull it all together. CD-Mediaworks created this application in less than a week.

The end result is a product that is a totally self-contained Mini-CD that runs automatically on any computer, without the need for any installation or configuration settings.

Health BytesHealth Bytes

This project came to CD-Mediaworks through another sub-contracting arrangement with Best Color Video. The client required HTML-type content to be presented in a self-contained custom program- without any reliance on a specific Web Browser or other platform dependencies. The client also wanted to control the "browsing" experience through the use of custom (simplified) navigation controls in the pursuit of accessibility. The resulting project was a small footprint "custom HTML browser" with MPEG movie and Print capabilities.

For the project pictured below a playback engine was created to house instructional screen-captured videos for a client to the South. From all accounts this is still in use today!

Some other clients we have done work for:

Investors Group ACD Systems

Kensington ResourcesHillside Printing

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